We are a civil litigation firm that specializes in strategic counseling, negotiation and representation in Employment Litigation matters
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The Law Offices of Renuka Vinchurkar Jain has experience and knowledge in employment and litigation matters that is unparalleled in a small law office. From representing a transgendered operations manager in a West Texas company town in early 2000, to litigating a sexual harassment lawsuit to remove an elected official, the legal matters handled by this office are complex, challenging and seemingly unsurmountable. The Law Offices of Renuka V. Jain has represented scores of Texas and California residents in disability discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, Sarbanes-Oxley, wage and hour, and whistleblower cases.
Ms. Jain has unique experience in representing licensed professionals in employment matters who find themselves the unfortunate targets of criminal investigations. In such matters, Ms. Jain has associated experienced criminal attorneys to balance advocacy on employment issues without sacrificing the client’s liberty interests.

In addition to an active trial practice, Ms. Jain offers strategic counseling and advice to executives in negotiating employment contracts, severance agreements and noncompete agreements.

Ms. Jain has tried cases in state and federal court, presented argument before state appellate courts in Texas and California, argued before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court.

The Law Offices of Renuka V. Jain has represented clients before state and federal agencies, including the State Office of Administrative Hearings, the Department of Labor, the United States Merit Systems Protection Board, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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With ancestors who fought the Mughal armies in the eighteenth century, and the British in the twentieth century, Renuka Jain is hard-wired to fight injustice. Whether it is a world class physician denied access to research funds, an 18 year old wrongfully accused of theft because of his race, or a business owner locked out of a business he helped create, Renuka Jain has delivered results.

Having worked in three continents, as a marketing manager advising small businesses, a market research officer for a British company and the chief training officer on an international project in Liberia, West Africa, Ms. Jain understands business and people. Ms. Jain is adept at leveraging her client's positions to develop strategic solutions and negotiate favorable outcomes.

Renuka Jain's clients come from diverse backgrounds - culturally, economically and professionally. Each is a respected partner, integral to the development of a winning strategy, whose opinions are valued. While past performance cannot guarantee success, it is indicative of Renuka Jain's client-centric approach and effective advocacy, which consistently delivers superior results.

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