The Law Offices of Renuka V. Jain has nearly 30 years ofexperience pursuing a broad range of wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment claims. Ms. Jain is unafraid to take on hard cases against large multinational corporations, powerful government institutions and entrenched interests. She is not afraid to challenge the status quo to achieve justice for her clients.
• Wrongful termination: The wrongful loss of a job can cause profound economic and emotional damage. Wrongful termination attorney Renuka Jain is prepared to mount a strong claim for your damages.
• Discrimination: Working men and women are protected under state and federal laws against many different illegal forms of discrimination. If you have been discriminated against in the workplace, the Law Offices of Renuka V. Jain firm is ready to protect your rights.
• Harassment: Sexual harassment is destructive and cannot be tolerated under any circumstance. If you have been harmed by harassment, Renuka Jain will be a powerful advocate in your claim for justice.
• Whistleblower: Much of the firm's work in the employment field involves protecting the rights of individuals who have been unlawfully retaliated against by employers for reporting wrongdoing. These cases can include:
False Claims Act and Qui Tam: If you report fraud against the government by your employer, you could be entitled to financial recovery.
Whistleblower claims: Employees who report illegal conduct, or conduct they have reason to believe is illegal, are protected from retaliation under the law. Unfortunately, too many employers disregard these laws and retaliate against whistleblowers
Sarbanes Oxley: The Sarbanes Oxley Act protects individuals who report illegal activities in publicly traded companies.
• Contract Claims: The law firm has successfully represented employees in contract disputes, including claims of tortious interference with contract, trade secrets and violation of noncompete agreements.