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In Davis v. Fisk Electric Co., Ms. Jain persuaded the Texas Supreme Court that the Defendants had improperly struck African Americans from the jury because of their race. The Supreme Court agreed and found that at least two of the strikes were based on race and ordered a new trial. The Court instructed trial court judges to evaluate a Batson challenge using a five-point totality of the circumstances test and reiterated the procedural elements of a correct challenge.

Davis v. Fisk Electric Co. et al., 268 S.W.3d 508 (Tex. 2008).
Ms. Jain was lead counsel in State v. Merck & Co., Inc., a suit filed by the Texas Attorney General to recover millions of dollars paid in Medicaid reimbursements for Vioxx prescriptions.
Obtained judgment for three bartenders in their claims for failure to pay overtime wages, and failure to grant rest and meal breaks.
Represented a Florida resident who claimed she was assaulted by a City of Inglewood police officer during the course of an illegal search of her motel room. After extensive discovery, including the deposition of the Chief of Police, the Plaintiff moved for summary judgment on her civil rights claims. The case settled in mediation.
Successfully represented a hearing-impaired executive of a California charity, who was demoted after he disclosed his sexual preference, in his complaint for discrimination on the basis of disability and sexual orientation.
Ms. Jain represented the former deputy tax assessor collector of Galveston County against Galveston County and the Tax Assessor Collector of Galveston County in a sex discrimination case alleging violation of the Equal Protection Clause and the First Amendment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. After Ms. Jain took the depositions of employees of the Tax Assessor Collector’s Office, extracting damaging admissions of abusive work conditions, Galveston County settled the case and the Tax Assessor Collector resigned in the middle of his term. LeJean Griffith v. Galveston County, G-00-452; In the United States District Court for the Southern District, Galveston Division.
Ms. Jain was retained by Harris County to defend the director and deputy director of the Harris County Pretrial Services Agency in a RICO action filed by four insurance companies writing bail bonds in Harris County. Ms. Jain countersued the defendants for defamation and tortious interference with contract. She was successful in obtaining a dismissal of all claims against her client. When the federal district court dismissed her client’s claims, Ms. Jain filed a mandamus action against the Chief Judge of the Southern District of Texas and appealed the decision to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Court reversed and remanded the case for trial. The case settled two hours into the direct examination of the Plaintiff.
Represented two former employees of a Fortune 500 corporation in their Sarbanes-Oxley complaint of retaliatory termination and obtained a confidential settlement.
Represented a former football player in his breach of contract and tortious interference with business relationship claims against two major players in the sports nutrition market. The defendant terminated a twelve month employment contract a few months before the end of the contract term. The contract provided for a minimal monthly salary and a percentage of the net sales. Defendants argued prospective sales numbers were too speculative. However, with expert testimony Ms. Jain demonstrated that her client was responsible for the success of this new company and deserved compensation proportionate to his contribution. The jury returned a unanimous verdict for the plaintiff and the case settled.
Represented a former vice president of a telecommunications company who was demoted and constructively discharged because of the medical costs associated with her husband’s disability. After a long and contentious discovery dispute and several depositions in two states, the case settled in the high six figures.
In addition to the trial experience discussed above, The Law Offices of Renuka V. Jain has negotiated several six figure severance agreements for Texas and California employees in claims for wrongful termination, disability discrimination, retaliation, violation of California Family Rights Act, and sexual harassment claims.