I was referred to the Law Offices of Renuka Jain with an employment dispute. This was unchartered ground for me and was daunting, however in our initial meeting Ms. Jain was patient and supportive, explained the process and provided me with realistic expectations. Over the ensuing months Ms. Jain kept me apprised of the case status and was always available to discuss issues and questions that I had. I was provided with her personal cell number and she was on-hand to answer calls and emails at all times, even when out of state. From the beginning to the end of the case Ms. Jain provided not only first class legal advice and representation but also managed to provide emotional/personal support which was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Ms. Jain to anyone seeking legal advice and/or representation.


Events requiring the services of an attorney are often accompanied by a sense of uncertainty. But, in every instance when I have been represented or advised by Renuka Jain, any apprehension about my situation was quickly assuaged.


Renuka possesses an exceptional mastery of civil, employment, and labor law and her expertise commands attention. At the same time, she is capable of putting anyone she works with at ease. In her interactions with me and others, Renuka has always conveyed information in a comprehensive, considerate, and candid manner.


Because Renuka has represented me in several situations and I am familiar with her representation of many acquaintances, I know she works tirelessly for her clients and her case preparation is exhaustive. Even when work is unrelenting, Renuka’s efforts never wane and she even manages to maintain a sense of humor and confidence that is contagious. In any adversarial proceeding, I can’t think of a better person to have at one’s side.


I trust Renuka’s judgment, advice, and guidance implicitly. Whether in my capacity as a client, a colleague, or a friend, I hold nothing but the utmost respect for her knowledge, energy, and commitment to everything she does.

Carol O.

This law firm assisted me with my case of discrimination, harassment and retaliation from my former employment. What I experienced after I disclosed my sexual orientation and protested the discriminatory attitude towards the lesbian, gay and transgendered community.


The specific things I liked about the representation is the passion that the firm has for people and would take a chance to help a person in need. Like my case it was hard to find an attorney to retaine to help me until I met Ms. Jain. Ms. Jain she always keep the communication open to help me know how the case was going and Ms. Jain always was patient to help me understand. She knew I had disabilities she took extra steps to help me understand.


Ms. Jain helps me understand lawyer language by breaking everything down to it simple form and sending me information by e-mail because she knew I live far from her law firm. Ms. Jain was even willing to try to communication with me by Skype and when she was out of town she gave me details about my case. Even when Ms. Jain was out of town she took time to e-mail or text me on things that she will be doing when she gets back, and she took time evening if she had a long day Ms. Jain always ask me I am holding up and if I have any concerns. All these extra steps were specific things that Ms. Jain did to help me feel comfortable to continue the law suit until it was done.


Ms. Jain was always up front with me which I like so I would not be in the dark and there were no surprises during. At the end of my case I feel I got justice because outcome was a positive for me.

Andrew R.

Renuka assisted me with a legal matter. I found her guidance and assistance to be indispensable. She was always able to make time for me on fairly short notice to discuss and react to ongoing developments. With her guidance and negotiation advice, we were able to see through our transaction to a favorable outcome acceptable to all parties. I would highly recommend her and would certainly use her again in the future.

Michael Pawson. CFO at Genesys Works

Renuka V. Jain
Knowledgeable Trial Lawyer & Employee Advocate

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